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Welcome to I Got Tamashii


Meaning “I Got Soul”  


We welcome you with open arms as we hit the stage three years on.

With all that has gone between, we find ourselves back in showcase mode which also includes the debut of our novice crew. We wanted to take this opportunity to showcase what this newly formed group have achieved after returning back from covid.

Tamashii has been waiting around for years and when we finally got the opportunity to make a start on it at the beginning of this year, we were so excited to know that we would be back at Jackson’s Lane with an audience. 


So we journey through all the ages / abilities in one piece, showcasing all the levels of S.Y.D.C.


Many past company members have been plucked out by these very showcases. Colleges , choreographers, directors and music industry pros have always been present and commended the work of the cast. 


Those who know us know that this is not a full time thing and that we meet with our company / crew once a week. 


We are so proud of everyone taking part, proud of the advancement of the breakers and acro students at Soul and look forward to you watching our journey through dance in an artistic culture. 

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