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After three years out of the Theatre, we are proud to return with a fun filled, vibrant, pumping show… Break My Soul“.

This show is themed around our very own radio station. Bringing variety in music, staging and dance… we have been super clever with our acting pieces as the students have been taught how to deliver their voices in a radio format and have been recorded like radio DJ’s / artists / guests.

Solo singing pieces will be performed at the Singing Gala on Sunday 26th February 2023 at St Martin's.

Full monologues / acting pieces will be performed at the Acting Gala on Sunday 26th March 2023 at St Martin’s.

Today, all age groups come together to showcase their terms work… all genres of dance, all abilities and all singers as one big happy family.

We have been so proud of the rehearsal process and the improvement all round.

The companies and crews were back performing in London in July with their roaring show Tamashii which went off with a bang. We will be back in London performing the next company showcase “Soul Asylum“ on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th June 2023 at Jackson’s Lane.
We can’t wait !!!!

Today the whole school will tear it up together….

We would like to say thank you to all the parents/guardians who have encouraged the discipline with getting the pupils to classes and rehearsals. You will all be extremely proud of them.

Sit back and tune in to “Break My Soul“ radio…

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